The dates for the 2018-2019 Math Fair are:

Hofstra Preliminary- March 1
Suffolk Preliminary- March 8
Hofstra Final-
​April 12 

Special thanks to Dr. Joyce Bernstein for providing us with a copy of her timeline for preparing students for the Math Fair!!  

Welcome to the website for information on the Long Island Math Fair!!  

The Math Fair is an excellent way to help students who have an interest in mathematics explore topics outside the realm of the traditional required mathematics courses!  In addition, it will give top students the opportunity to do (create?!?) original mathematics for themselves!  Below you will find files from the Math Fair Committee to help students and teachers alike on the path to participating in the Math Fair.  

​Please remember the most important rule, this is an opportunity to have FUN with mathematics!!

Final Results
​posted below!!

Contact Information:

LI Math Fair President
Charlie Windwer

LI Math Fair Committee

All 11th grade papers must have “” report attached to the paper.
​We encourage all grades to add this report to their paper.

Again, only 11th grade this year. If software paper not attached, student risks a lower medal (or no medal) and it may affect the Committee that selects the Alice Griswold Award
​(best 11th grade Gold Medal paper in Nassau County).

Each advisor will have to set up an account with 
11th grade students will submit their paper under their advisor's account and attach the turnitin reports to their paper.

Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair

2018 - 2019

Nassau County Association of Mathematics Supervisors