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Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair

2019 - 2020

Notice to the Judges as of 3/30/2020

Hello Math Fair Advisor and Judges,

This information is for the judges, but I wanted everyone to know what the procedure is. Firstly, thank you for judging this year. Since we can not hold the Fair in person at Hofstra, we will be doing everything electronically.

If you signed up to judge, we are asking you to do the following:
1. Open the folder entitled "_Judge's Info" 
2. Open the spreadsheet "Judges' Assignments" and find your assigned grade level and room number (the list is in order by school)
3. Open your room folder. For example if you were assigned grade 8, room GAL16, you would open "(8) GAL16". Inside your room folder you will see the papers for the students assigned to your room. They are either google docs or pdf files.
4. Read the papers at your leisure
5. When you are ready to assign Awards, open the "_Judge's Info" folder and you will see "Room Judge Form." You will fill out this form for each student- it is just a couple of quick questions and then you pick either gold, silver, bronze or no medal. 
6. Please complete the reading of the papers and submission of all the google forms by May 1.

Note: You do not need to confer with a second judge. Every judge will be submitting the google forms on their own.

If you have any questions or problems, please email me at

Thank you for making the Fair possible this year. Stay safe & healthy.
Christine Pette



The 2020 Math Fair Results are in!! 

Please find the link to the results below!!!

Special thanks to Dr. Joyce Bernstein for providing us with a copy of her timeline for preparing students for the Math Fair!!  

Contact Information:

LI Math Fair President
Charlie Windwer

LI Math Fair Committee

Welcome to the website for information on the Long Island Math Fair!!  

The Math Fair is an excellent way to help students who have an interest in mathematics explore topics outside the realm of the traditional required mathematics courses!  In addition, it will give top students the opportunity to do (create?!?) original mathematics for themselves!  Below you will find files from the Math Fair Committee to help students and teachers alike on the path to participating in the Math Fair.  

​Please remember the most important rule, this is an opportunity to have FUN with mathematics!!

Nassau County Association of Mathematics Supervisors