NCAMS is a proud affiliate of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM).  
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Nassau County Association of Mathematics Supervisors

PARCC Released Items

The states that make up the PARCC consortium are taking the exceptional step of releasing test items from this year’s PARCC assessment to give teachers a powerful tool to inform and improve classroom teaching and learning. The test items were built with robust mathematics problems and authentic reading passages selected and reviewed extensively by dozens of educators from PARCC states.

Websites Supporting the Common Core

1. This website provides a wealth of practical guidance on how to present the Common Core topics per grade. The document contains a year-long overview including topics from the 2005 Curriculum that are to be omitted and topics that should have been taught in earlier grades. The most valuable part of these documents is formed by the set of high level unit overviews for each grade level-
“Use the high-level unit overviews and resources available at the school and forthcoming from the State to teach a sequence of instruction that fully addresses the standards represented.”

Be sure to click on “Search Tasks and Units” on the right side of the page. Great tasks!

2. Universal Design for Learning has a website with all sorts of technology tools, questioning techniques and graphic organizers for the development of deeper learning.


4. Mathhampton - Math support for Students, parents, teachers and administrators.

5. Lasting achievements in K–8 by Jason Zimba is a short “Why” of the Common Core. It gives more explanation of the necessity of College and Career Readiness


7. email at

8. NCTM Illuminations []

9. gapminder

10. Thinkfinity


12. Super Sites for students


14. Annenberg Learner

15. Part of Annenberg learner if you want to get to geometry very fast.

16. An amusement park of mathematics.


18. The National Library of virtual manipulatives